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Leather Scales

Posted by Lucas Lameth on November 1, 2008

Lucas Lameth - Style Diary (10.08)
Lucas Lameth – Style Diary (10.08)

Hi! It’s been a while since I posted here. I’ve been engulfed in personal projects and store related styling to really commit to my personal style. Although I think it’s a good idea to get back to these posts since it’s fun and relaxing. I missed you guys!

The new long awaited Paper Couture Fall Collection ’08 has finally been released and like always it was well worth the wait. I wouldn’t have known without Caliah tipping me off and teleporting me as a crowd of fashionistas (and a few fashionistos) chirped with glee. This Leather Scales outfit from P.C is stylish and sleek. All the couture without too much flamboyancy and just the right dose of testosterone. However I couldn’t help but buy the Everbloom Ring. As a jeweler, the shinies captivate me! What can I say? I love it and you will too.

Visual Credits:Outfit & Ring by Paper Couture, Hair by Happy Dispatch, Skin by Laqroki, Shades by Armidi/Gisaci, Tattoo by Aitui, Necklace by (luc) Fashion Jewelry, Pose Animations by AKEYO.

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Little Gems For the New Year

Posted by Caliah Lyon on December 31, 2007

Ever since we explored Metabirds and Kabuki back in April of 2007 in our search for Donmai Frederick’s Back and Forth (the only Japanese designer we were well-acquainted with at the time), to us, Japanese sims have provided a wealth of unique shopping opportunities. The variety and innovation to be found in their shopping districts is astonishing, as well as the adaptability and range that the designers showcase in commonly having a wide range of products under one label. Only in a Japanese sim have I seen boutiques selling katanas side-by-side with nail polish and cowboy boots.

Although for some time the focus has been upon such talented clothing designers as Kotobuki Jewell of Bijou and Bettypage Voyager of BP, I visit Japanese sims these days for smaller, but no less delightful finds: beautifully made eyes, delicately hand-painted stockings, inexpensive but well-done poses, and other treats.



I would never have discovered this boutique without the help of Beyonce Quinhua, even though I’d visited Higashioasaka many a time. A member of the virtual “idol group” Piatto, I came upon her blog and immediately noticed the lustre of the eyes she was using in many of her photos. A helpful IM and landmark later, and I was hooked on what I believe to be some of the best eyes in Second Life.

The Transparency Shine series eyes by Tsuru Shan have detailed, shimmering irises combined with sharp highlights for an exceptionally luminous quality that’s evident even to people not zoomed in on your face, and well-shaded, realistic whites devoid of the excessive redness and veins that mar many otherwise decent eyes. They come in sets of two sizes (medium and large) for 300L, which is higher than most, but considering the quality and detail that went into these eyes, and the fact you get two sizes, they are well worth it. These eyes are no-copy and transfer and look good in both Windlight and without atmospheric shaders.

L-R Top: Glanz Eyes in Clear Grey; Glanz Eyes in Noble Purple; L-R Bottom: Glanz Eyes in Ocean Blue; Glanz Eyes in Fresh Blue. 300L each for two sizes, M-L.

The poses sold here by alu Voom are promising as well, and like many in these sims, relatively affordable at 30L for photo poses and 80L for animated ones; I already have two of her animated stands in my ao and replaced my old sit with the free one from their store. I’m looking forward to the poses that they’ll be putting out in the future. Glanz also sells stockings, and Tsuru graciously provided a few samples of her new offerings – metallic knee stockings with black lace trim.


Named after its two proprietresses, Halhi Yoshikawa and Hinako Runo, a branch of their store was my first stop in the Aventi Islands, a string of shops located in an idyllic little beach atoll (the “Hal*Hina open!” drawn in the sand is a cute touch). I came too late for their free Christmas gift, a set of lace-trimmed stockings in jewel colours, but you can still buy a free set of stockings, some basic eyes, or join their group to avail of a charming set of eyes with coloured hearts in the pupils. These, like many of the eyes I’ve discovered in the Japanese sims, are of good quality and a noticeable lustre, and I immediately went back when they released the plain version, Pure Eyes, the next day in their main store. All their various eye sets are very reasonably priced at 120L per pack of five colours.

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Second Night Life ll

Posted by Lucas Lameth on October 25, 2007

S E C O N D . N I G H T . L I F E . II


I just wasn’t done shooting at the “The L Word” Sims so here’s the sequel from Manna’s storyboard snapshots. Cheers! — The social scene is half the fun of fashion. First we start with a simple but oh-so sleek Gisaci Classic Cashmere Turtleneck in Charcoal (L$145) and Armidi Limited A001 Jeans in Regular Industrial (L$145). Dark denim is always key for a comfortable semi-formal look. Blue and light denim recommended for casual day wear and with light colors like pastel. Remember, Caliah Lyon’s Muse Classic Tank Watch (L$200 set of two) will fit MEN and WOMEN. I cannot stress this enough. These are the classiest watches in Second Life. Not owning them is a FASHION SIN! — Get these stylish 1-prim wine glass decorations (L$90 m/c/nt) at mike’s studio, Roosa (217, 103, 27).


Refreshed? Start the night life off with Armidi Limited new Paris Henley in Black (L$125). Ginny’s Last Call Moderno Ladro Pinstriped Pants (L$300 for Ladro Outfit) keep this look classy. — Ofcourse, Manna and myself always always choose Gold. Fellows often steer toward silver but times-a-changing and I say be brave fellas’, add a little gold. Even if it’s one of those fancy tooth implants. At Armidi, I was also able to snatch some Pyramid Cuffs in Black & Gold (L$135) and these snazzy Fi Umo Sunglasses (L$225).


Relaxing at the bar before hitting the dance floor. Smoking a FNKY! Cigarette (L$150). Easy slick hair, spike it up! with Rach Snookums Frangipani “Jake” Hair in Chocolate (L$200). My favorite male sex appeal skin of choice in SL is none other than FNKY! Antonio in Tan/Baby Face Soul Patch (L$1850).


Time to show these suckers how to spin the beat! Look bad-ass in Luth Brodie’s Reel Expression Mens poses (L$150 each).


You wake up with a hangover and a stranger in your bed. It happens. At least you look stylish in Armidi Intimizzio Boxer Briefs in Dark Gray (L$125) and out of bed hair The Grammar from Armidi in Mocha (L$295). Slip on your FNKY! Executive Glasses I (L$330) and turn them red to look smart and busy.


And now you nod and take down their number in your savvy 803 Slurry Street Pocket PC (L$350). Put them down as “The blonde one with wavy hair”. Smile, escort them out and get more sleep for tomorrow night.

My eyes of choice at the moment is Purple eyes from Fashionably Dead (around L$60).

Happy Fashion Affair Second Life!


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