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Pocketsize Post

Posted by Caliah Lyon on December 4, 2008

Pocketsize Post
L: Melish Boot in Black, L$175; R: Melish Bag in Red and Black, L$50, both by LINE.

Pocketsize Post
 Pocketsize PostPocketsize Post
Muffler and Corsage Cloche (color change) in Pink, both by *DP* YumYum.

Just a midweek mini-post on a few budget and freebie finds. I noted a pair of boots on a Harajukubox shopper and found out that the store, LINE by zippir Kayo, is having a 50% off sale on all items throughout the month. I picked up this boot and two bags at half-off, as well as a couple of legwarmers for L$40L each. The boots are adorned with a pair of fuzzy pompoms on each sock upper and very cute; note that the highlights are very sharp and bright, if you prefer more muted shading in your textures. Be sure to check the permissions of what you are purchasing as some of the items differ in that respect – the legwarmers are no mod, but zippir is very accomodating and will supply a mod version on request. There are a great many shoes here that would be suitable for newbies on a budget, including some men’s cowboy boots that would work on a female avatar – sale prices range from L$25-L$175. There are also some Chucks in the store’s camping chairs. (more photos under the cut)

*DP* YumYum has always been one of my favourite stores, though I haven’t blogged them in a while. Designer toraji Voom has set out three lucky chair prizes. I was fortunate enough to get all three, and glad I did, as they are well worth the wait. The muffler is a pink version of the recently released bow mufflers in-store, and the cloche hat can change colours to three shades of pink. It also comes with hair and without.

Pocketsize Post
Pocketsize PostPocketsize Post Pocketsize PostPocketsize Post
*DP* YumYum
Pocketsize Post

Shopping Information

LINE by zippir Kayo, Free Land (163, 170, 25)
*DP* YumYum by toraji Voom, Isle of Tranquility (80, 157, 26)


5 Responses to “Pocketsize Post”

  1. DP yum yum boards never went on “T” for me! gar! 😛

  2. Whimsy helped me else I would never have done the post on time…I was standing there idling as I did homework, but we were kind of lucky in that it didn’t take too long. You could try the Lucky Kitty chair group. Feel free to poke if you need help with turning the boards 😛

  3. love the boots!

  4. zippir kayo said

    Thanks Caliah 🙂

  5. They are too cute, I wanted to get them in red but my style is a little less fluffy 😛

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