Soigné: Style in Second Life

A Guide to Second Life Fashion and Lifestyle


Caliah Lyon is the designer for Muse Fine Jewelry and an ardent, but rather finicky shopper; her first purchase in SL was a pair of shoes. She prefers to focus on realistic, classic and seasonal looks, as well as fashion trends that carry over from real life, and the occasional eclectic piece. To her, Second Life style means the indulgence of one’s personal love of fashion without apology.

Charron Marseille is a photographer, devil’s advocate and self-proclaimed aesthete who enjoys good design in all its incarnations, including fashion, architecture, furniture, and art. He prefers classic looks to fads, but likes to maintain an iconoclastic side.

Lucas Lameth is the jeweler and fashioner of EARTHTONES boutique. His personal style consists mostly of sophisticated fashion, trendy hipster clothes and a mix of fantasy medieval wear.

Manna Rosewood is a mysterious and sultry fashionista spending most of her time as a lady of leisure. She has once said, “If it is sophisticated, classy and well-made it is most likely in my inventory.”

Roslin Petion is co-owner of Tête à Pied and a former makeup artist in her first life. She has a background in English and Media Studies and is eager to apply various systems of analysis to the Second Life fashion arena. Her personal style has both current and historical influences.

Stephen Bentham is experienced in machinima and comes from a background steeped in computers and journalism. Although arguably not possessed of the same impeccable fashion sense as his peers, he does have a talent for showing up on time for sales. Fascinated with people, culture, and design, SL style for him is all about experimentation and finding new ways to express his evolving personal tastes.

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