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Soigne Review Policy

The writers of Soigne aim to bring you the best of SL fashion, culture, art and lifestyle, and as such will generally blog what suits their individual tastes in a detailed and objective manner. We prefer to select what items we wish to blog and generally blog items we purchase ourselves. As we wish to maintain the quality of our articles, and we would like to avoid the sense of obligation that comes with being sent items for review, we ask the following of designers who want to send us review copies:

If you have some items that you would like us to review, please contact any one of us in-world or drop us a notecard inviting us to visit your store. We understand that most designers are very busy people, so we’ll gladly spare them the trouble of having to pick out items. We are generally not a trend or new release blog, but we will definitely blog new items that we like; a writer may have a favourite designer or a particular style he/she favours, and this will be evident in their articles, but our policy is to focus on items of good quality and design regardless of designer.

Our writers may still request review copies at their own discretion, and in the event they do, you can rest assured the items will be blogged as soon as possible.

Soigné does not endorse and is in no way affiliated with any Second Life brand or sim of the same name.

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