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The Quick And Easy Guide to Running Opensim On Your PC

Posted by Caliah Lyon on January 19, 2009

In 10 Easy Steps

As everyone’s been experiencing difficulties connecting to the main (or even beta) grid lately and lamenting that they can’t get any work done, I thought to write a mini-guide for those who might be interested in running Opensim on their own PCs. If you want some basic information on Opensim I suggest reading the main page and FAQ. What this guide aims to do is get you started so you can test and refine uploads – textures, poses, sculptmaps – on your own standalone grid, running on your PC.

1. Download the binary here. All you need is the Official Windows Installer – if you have trouble running 0.6.1 on Vista, please download here:, extract to a new folder and run Opensim.exe.

2. Run and install the .exe file.

3. Start Opensim (open the program menu and click on the icon). This will open a command window which will scroll through a few things as it loads.

4. You’ll then be prompted for the name of your starting region. If you want to keep the default value just press ENTER, otherwise replace it with the name of your choice.

The Quick And Easy Guide to Running Opensim On Your PC 
5. Press ENTER to just set all the default values for the next few prompts UNTIL you see DEFAULT REGION CONFIG: First Name of Master Avatar [Test]: You can just choose the default value here as well but I chose to enter my own av name. After pressing enter it should prompt you for your last name, fill that in as well and press enter.
 The Quick And Easy Guide to Running Opensim On Your PC
6. You’ll be prompted for your password. The default is “test” and again you can change it however you wish or stick with the default.

7. Press Enter and wait for everything to finish loading. Voilà, the sim is running and all you need to do is log in.

8. Open Start>Run and enter the path to your default SL client e.g. C:\Program Files\SecondLife\SecondLife.exe. Cut and paste this line after: -loginuri -loginpage -multiple

The entire line should read: “C:\Program Files\SecondLife\SecondLife.exe” -loginuri -loginpage -multiple. Press Enter.

(Alternatively you can copy the shortcut to SL on your desktop, right-click on it and choose Properties then copy and paste this in the Target: field. Rename the shortcut to something easy to remember like “SL Opensim”.)

9. Log in with the login info you specified during setup.

10. Be greeted by the sight of your Ruthed avie:

The Quick And Easy Guide to Running Opensim On Your PC 
If you want to transfer all the items – shapes, textures and the like – that you created yourself so you can have all your resources at hand you can use Second Inventory. I haven’t tried it yet so that isn’t covered here. But with this very basic install you should be able to upload textures, animations and sculptmaps and tweak them to your heart’s content, then upload them to the main grid when it’s back to normal. You can also just save your shape values from the main grid and set the sliders manually so clothes fit properly.

From the site:

Windows Vista

To run on Windows Vista, you must first disable Windows Firewall. Under the new “Start” button of Vista, select “Control panel”. Then double-click “Windows Firewall”. In the window that pops up, on the left column, select “Turn Windows Firewall on or off”. You will have to give permission for this to run, then select the option “Off (not recommended)”. Click “OK” and exit from the Windows Firewall window.

If you have McAfee SecurityCenter, see the description below.

Once all the security features are disabled, right click on OpenSim.exe and select “Run as administrator”. This will pop up a window asking permission, select “Allow”. Your OpenSim server should run in a DOS-like window and accept connections.

Issues on Vista 64-Bit:

Note: You may need to install Microsoft .NET framework. Click here to download and install.

If anyone has a tutorial for Mac or Ubuntu feel free to comment and I’ll link them here.

Thanks goes to Vaalith Jinn for suggesting that I try this and to Codebastard Redgrave for feedback on running it in Vista. Have fun!


14 Responses to “The Quick And Easy Guide to Running Opensim On Your PC”

  1. Thanks for the great “how to” Caliah! It’s unfortunate that LL hasn’t provided a stand-alone version of SL.

    What we need is stand-alone version of SL, that can be run on a laptop and offers secure (IP/DCMA-compliant) synchronization with a target Sim and/or user account, giving people in the field a virtual 3D presentation system on steroids! Perhaps this concept of a next generation “3D/Virtual PowerPoint” will be attractive enough to get Microsoft to commit to delivering it on a Open Sim, SQL Server-based platform in 2010!

  2. Lane said

    How can someone else connect on YOUR open sim then? 🙂

    I’d like to log with my friends.


  3. Codie said

    yay! ❤ it’s much fun to run to test skins, scripts or anything for that matter when the grid is borked. kudos for this tutorial Cal!

  4. Aenea Nori said

    I found a guide to setting up OpenSim on OS X here which is a little out of date. I’m going to try it out and see if I can’t piece together something a bit more user friendly.

    Bear in mind, I only pretend to play a geek in SL, so this will most likely not work. 🙂

  5. Valiant – thank you. I’d settle for any sort of syncing for inventory/created content, it would make our lives a great deal easier 🙂

    Hi Lane,

    Here is how to get it running in grid mode:

  6. QueenKellee Kuu said

    Aenea I would love to see some those OSX instructions you linked to in a more user friendly format. I’m not quite geeky enough to understand all of what they are saying…

  7. Ok, will link it when you’re done 🙂

  8. Mo Hax said

    I posted a video back in November about doing this (which I think Valiant might have seen) but mine predated reliable binaries so it includes compiling your own, which I admit might not be for everyone. Might be somewhat useful to compare or make sure you always get the latest.

    Perhaps we should do another version of a video tutorial which uses the binaries.

  9. Sure Mo, if you do another for the precompiled ones I’d be happy to append the link to this post!

  10. […] post by Caliah Lyon […]

  11. Gypsy said

    This is such a great tutorial, thank you!
    I got it working on my desktop but all my prims seem to be phantom. Would you happen to know how I can fix this?
    Thanks again for this tut!

  12. Hi,
    whenever possible, please update my blog in your blogroll. My blog is no longer being update on blogspot.
    Thank you!

    Ana Lutetia

  13. […] As it says: The Quick And Easy Guide to Running Opensim On Your PC […]

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