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The Witching Hour

Posted by Caliah Lyon on October 30, 2007

As All Hallows’ Eve draws nigh, and revenants and wraiths cross over from the paths of the dead to haunt the doorsteps of the living, one would be wise to follow their lead and adopt a spectral guise.

Whether if you waited till late, or found just one costume in which to make the rounds of the many celebrations that mark this season, there are more than a few more that are worth acquiring, even if Halloween were past.

(Click for larger versions)

The winged serpent that was said to constantly gnaw at the deepest root of Yggdrasil, Nidhogg means “tearer of corpses.”

Nidhogg, Bare Rose, $L150. Hair: Deviant Kitties Symon in White, $L175; Skin: Cake Jessica Pearl in Rain, $1250; Boots (not shown): Armidi Gisaci Kyoto Black on Black Boots, $L375.

Whether the costume of a courtesan or a Japanese ghost, the Thorn of Beauty is beautiful and elaborate enough to draw glances from your fellow fiends and night creatures.

Thorn of Beauty in Blue, Bare Rose, $L180. Hair: Yukiko in Midnight by Cherry Tokyo, L$150; Skin: Cake Jessica Pearl in Rain.

The Titania’s Court Faun avatars have long had their share of admirers – and what better time to try one on than Halloween?

Titania’s Court Female Faun Avatar in Snow by Riann Maltese, $L600. Hair: Kin Amaunet in White, $L100; Skin: Cake Jessica Pearl in Brat, $L1250; Clothes: Snow Mummy from Bare Rose, $L135. Accessories: Antlers from Lady of Deer, Bare Rose, L$145.

Angels needn’t be snowy-feathered and haloed with light, and at a masquerade your costume should speak for itself. You can’t go wrong with an ensemble by Bare Rose, Nicky Ree and a mask from Illusions.

Behind the Mask, Bare Rose, $L145 (mask, shirt, pants, mermaid skirt and shoulder feathers); Nicky Ree Swan Queen (upper prim sleeves and cuffs) in Black, L$980. Illusions Columbina Mask in Black/Silver, L$125 (modified with feathers from the Gracile hat) and Black Angel Wings (as yet unreleased); TaP Long Leather Gloves in Black, L$100; Armidi Gisaci Kyoto Black/Black Boots. Hair: Kin Lucy in White, L$100; Skin: Cake Jessica Pearl in Rain. Accessories: Staff (modified) from the Magma Succubus Avatar, Grendel’s Children.

Happy Halloween!

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Miracles, Wonders and Strangelove.

Posted by Lucas Lameth on October 25, 2007

Ms. Thaumata Strangelove





“This is what an Angel sounds like. Magic transcends in our Second Life.”

Listen to Ms.Thaumata’s enchanting melody to lighten your day and soften your heart. Just a little reminder that some of the simple joys in life need no complication. That in the end, we are all the same in divine eyes. Sometimes trampled by an endless need of competition, social savagery and foul cynicism.

One day I was blue and sought the nearest shoulder to lean on. Thaumata willingly took me in her deep virtual embrace while she worked her quarter sim which was at the time dubbed “Thaumata’s Own Special Brand of Insanity”. A whole area that changed constantly under her creative whim; a sketchbook of prims. I remember vividly a forest backdrop and an Indian Mantra looped on her personal stream. A song that made me nostalgic. I knew then that moment was meant to be.

Thaumata is an unsual name. I asked her what it meant and why she chose her virtual name.

Thaumata means “Wonders or Miracles in Greek”.

*photo used with permission, view more of Thaumata @

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Second Night Life ll

Posted by Lucas Lameth on October 25, 2007

S E C O N D . N I G H T . L I F E . II


I just wasn’t done shooting at the “The L Word” Sims so here’s the sequel from Manna’s storyboard snapshots. Cheers! — The social scene is half the fun of fashion. First we start with a simple but oh-so sleek Gisaci Classic Cashmere Turtleneck in Charcoal (L$145) and Armidi Limited A001 Jeans in Regular Industrial (L$145). Dark denim is always key for a comfortable semi-formal look. Blue and light denim recommended for casual day wear and with light colors like pastel. Remember, Caliah Lyon’s Muse Classic Tank Watch (L$200 set of two) will fit MEN and WOMEN. I cannot stress this enough. These are the classiest watches in Second Life. Not owning them is a FASHION SIN! — Get these stylish 1-prim wine glass decorations (L$90 m/c/nt) at mike’s studio, Roosa (217, 103, 27).


Refreshed? Start the night life off with Armidi Limited new Paris Henley in Black (L$125). Ginny’s Last Call Moderno Ladro Pinstriped Pants (L$300 for Ladro Outfit) keep this look classy. — Ofcourse, Manna and myself always always choose Gold. Fellows often steer toward silver but times-a-changing and I say be brave fellas’, add a little gold. Even if it’s one of those fancy tooth implants. At Armidi, I was also able to snatch some Pyramid Cuffs in Black & Gold (L$135) and these snazzy Fi Umo Sunglasses (L$225).


Relaxing at the bar before hitting the dance floor. Smoking a FNKY! Cigarette (L$150). Easy slick hair, spike it up! with Rach Snookums Frangipani “Jake” Hair in Chocolate (L$200). My favorite male sex appeal skin of choice in SL is none other than FNKY! Antonio in Tan/Baby Face Soul Patch (L$1850).


Time to show these suckers how to spin the beat! Look bad-ass in Luth Brodie’s Reel Expression Mens poses (L$150 each).


You wake up with a hangover and a stranger in your bed. It happens. At least you look stylish in Armidi Intimizzio Boxer Briefs in Dark Gray (L$125) and out of bed hair The Grammar from Armidi in Mocha (L$295). Slip on your FNKY! Executive Glasses I (L$330) and turn them red to look smart and busy.


And now you nod and take down their number in your savvy 803 Slurry Street Pocket PC (L$350). Put them down as “The blonde one with wavy hair”. Smile, escort them out and get more sleep for tomorrow night.

My eyes of choice at the moment is Purple eyes from Fashionably Dead (around L$60).

Happy Fashion Affair Second Life!


Shopping References from this Post:

803 Slurry St., Istar (47, 99, 22) Armidi, Armidi (135, 127, 25) Fashionably Dead, Tableau (Currently Closed) FNKY!, FNKY Cake (128, 45, 24) Frangipani Design, Iladil (95, 57, 71) Last Call/Moderno, Dazzle (130, 12, 27) mike’s studio, Roosa (217, 103, 27) Muse Fine Jewelry, Linji (143, 151, 49) Reel Expression, Lalique (224, 95, 27) The Good Life, Good Life (113, 85, 26)

Sight-seeing References from this Post:

The L Word in Second Life,The L Word1 (127, 154, 26)


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Gold Rush

Posted by mannarosewood on October 23, 2007


G . O . L . D : R . U . S . H


Gorgeous makeup by Tete a Pied starts the inspiration for these looks (TaP Vivant Buff Glam 1 L$500). For Jewelry, Lunaria Necklace with Laurel earrings (L$399) from EARTHTONES boutique make subtle highlights. Breezy hairstyle is ETD – Flapper in Chestnut (L$150).


Here we have out first outfit featuring Relika’s Love Lace outfit in Brown (L$400 entire set) worn as a Jacket layer and tube top also from Relika worn in black. EARTHTONE’s Angela Fleur ring & cuff set in clear crystals and gold (L$159 for set).



Gold Jacqui Pants by LAST CALL (L$1 As Customer Gifts). Paper Couture’s “The Signature Bag” in tan (L$125). While Tableau is closed, snatched PC goodies at Barcola.


Autumn Gold Outfit : Manna Style Watch

This outfit we use Savvy’s? Mean Business Wilhelmina Jacket and undershirt as inspiration (L$xx for Savvy? Wilhelmina Outfit). I wanted a luscious full skirt to keep this look feminine so I used elka lehane’s Boing Fromage long tiered crochet skirt in Off-White (L$110) and tinted both the prim skirt and pants layer in a light cream to mix with my color palette. Must-have seasonal accessories include Muse Classic Tank Watch in Natural/Gold (L$200 for a set of two), Muse Simple Drop Necklace (L$1 Free Gift), Muse Claris Pearl Earrings in Gold (L$50) and Tete a Pied Gold Pailette Clutch (L$100). Metallic Disc Sandals in Natural (L$150) also from Tete a Pied perfectly bring out rich autumn colors. Hair is ETD’s Phoebe in Dirty Blonde (Currently FREE!)


Gold n’ Glamour Outfit : Manna Style Watch

Center of inspiration for this outfit is the Armidi Gisaci Bunni 45 Mini Dress – Gold (L$235).Very rich luxurious texture. Also from Armidi Gisaci new Rio Beleza Wedge in Black (L$295) and Hair – The Glamorous I in Nutshell (L$295). Pantyhose in Sheer Ebony by 1-800-BETTIE’s (L$60). For accessories we have Savvy? Repairs Necklace in Gold/Onyx (L$100), EARTHTONES Ladys’ Hoop, Gold/Stud1 XL (L$100) and EARTHTONES Solaria Cuff & Ring Set Gold Black (L$199)



More gold accents, Fallingwater Cellardoors Shiny Things Ruffle Boots in coffee (L$400). All poses featured by Reel Expression (L$150 each). All eyes are Grey Eyes from FNKY (L$60).

Happy Fashion Affair Second Life!


Shopping References from this Post:

1-800 BETTIE’S Roosa (235, 21, 28) Armidi Gisaci Armidi (128, 128, 0) EARTHTONES boutique Muse (90, 161, 107) ETD: Elikapeka Tiramisu Designs ETD Isle (194, 192, 31) FNKY, FNKY Cake (128, 43, 24) LAST CALL Dazzle (128, 128, 0) Muse Fine Jewelry Linji (143, 152, 49) Paper Couture Barcola (80, 125, 26) Reel Expression Lalique (209, 115, 26) Relika, Eventide Far East (77, 185, 48)Savvy? Froth (103, 229, 23) Shiny Things Shiny Falls (163, 181, 37) Tete a Pied Nouveau (197, 149, 23)


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Second Night Life

Posted by mannarosewood on October 23, 2007

S E C O N D . N I G H T . L I F E

Style Watch: Manna Rosewood


A night out in the town. Manna arrives from her limousine wearing Armidi Gisaci Vidalia Pumps in Amethyst ($L375) and Shai Delacroix’s new Lilac Wine Dress ($L400). She casually smokes a ladies cigarette with holder from Pixeldolls (I Mean Business: AO. Cigarette holder with smoke L$700). Look closely and we recognize 1-800 BETTIE’S Pantyhose in Ebony (L$60)


Manna passes gracefully down the red carpet into the “The L Word” Nighclub (The L Word1 127, 154, 26). Rich dangling earrings in Onyx and Gold from EARTHTONES Conessa Jewelry Set (L$299). Hair perfectly divine, which is Elikapeka Tiramisu of ETD Vivian – Chestnut Updo ($L150).


Gorgeous violet makeup strongly accenting the dress is Vivant Buff Biba 3 by Tete a Pied (L$500). You can always count on CJ Carnot’s work and Roslin Petion’s magic-makeup-touch for your special occasions.


Luxurious long leather gloves from Tete a Pied (L$100 each). Packages include three size lengths of short/medium/long gloves. Choose from a variety of colors. Looking for a lesson in lady-like ettiquete? Go to Luth Brodie’s Reel Expression for beautiful poses (L$150 each).


It’s been a long night. The sun is rising. Time for the after-party.

Happy Fashion Affair Second Life!

Shopping References from this Post:

1-800 BETTIE’S Roosa (235, 21, 28) Armidi Gisaci Armidi (128, 128, 0) Casa del Shai Deco (102, 160, 31) EARTHTONES boutique Muse (90, 161, 107) ETD: Elikapeka Tiramisu Designs ETD Isle (194, 192, 31) Pixeldolls Port Seraphine (128, 128, 0) Reel Expression Lalique (209, 115, 26) Tete a Pied Nouveau (197, 149, 23)

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Salon Secrets: A Practical Guide to Modifying Prim Hair

Posted by Caliah Lyon on October 16, 2007

We’ve all been faced with the challenge of getting hair to fit just right on our avatars: perhaps the entire wig is a couple of sizes too big for your head, or a stray tendril’s sticking out just a little too much, or you’d like to add a few personal touches to the wig to suit your individual taste. Whatever the reason, it’s useful for hair enthusiasts to have the skills necessary to tweak prim hair, and you shouldn’t ever have to touch your head size sliders in order to fit the hair you bought!

Find a place where you can rez hundreds of prims without trouble, such as a sandbox. You may need to make several copies of the hair, especially if you’re a perfectionist, and backups are always helpful if you make mistakes. Find an uncluttered spot in which you can work in peace.

If you already know your building basics, read on. Otherwise, take a primer here.

Shrinking the Entire Hairstyle

Shrinking the Wig

1) Rez the hair. Shift+Drag and make a copy of it. This is in case the SL editor is being uncooperative and refuses to let you undo. If you have a mouse with variable sensitivity/dpi, set it at the most sensitive/lowest setting, select one of the corner resize handles, then shrink the copy, keeping an eye on the numbers in the Object tab of the editor. Usually, a reduction of 1-2 in size is sufficient to shrink the biggest wigs to fit your head. To see if the hair is small enough already, right-click on the wig, select More then click on Take a Copy. Wear the copy (it’ll save to your Objects directory). If it’s not yet small enough, junk that copy and keep on shrinking the wig gradually. Once you have the size you’re satisfied with, take a copy (getting a copy is better than using Take, as sometimes you’ll have difficulties with SL and using Take can result in your losing the object).

2) Sometimes, a wig has hairs that have one or more dimensions at 0.01 (the minimum), which means you can’t shrink it further until you root around for the rogue hair(s) and make them bigger. This is difficult on anything that is modifiable and absolutely needs to be fitted, as it can take you up to an hour just to find the parts at fault. I’ll take this opportunity to make a plea to hair designers never to incorporate hairs at 0.01 thinness – prim hair absolutely needs to be shrinkable. Skip this step if your wig can be shrunk.

If your prim hair does have a few strands this thin, and you can’t seem to find the culprits at first glance, you can attempt digging for them.

2a) Shift-drag another copy of your hair a good distance away from the original wig, and press ctrl+shift+l to unlink all the strands of the copy. This is your test copy.

Hunting Hair
Testing hair section by section to isolate small strands.

2b) Drag your cursor over a bunch of hair strands to select them (small sections are best), then drag them a short distance away from the rest of the hairs. Keep them selected, then try to shrink that bunch. If you can’t, then one of the hairs you need to resize is in there.

2c) Pick apart that section by individually selecting strands and checking if any of them are at 0.010-0.012 in any of their dimensions. When you’ve found one, take note of where that hair is in the original wig, find it, and add about 0.030 (click the up arrow a few times) to the dimension that’s at minimum.

Resizing Rogue Hair

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The Columbia Signature Suit from Blaze

Posted by Caliah Lyon on October 16, 2007

Long ago, when I first saw Helmut Newton’s famous, iconic photographs of Yves’ Saint-Laurent’s "Le Smoking," I was utterly captivated by the imagery in those black and white photos. I don’t recall what age I was, only that that lean woman in her mannish, fiercely elegant suit, cigarette in hand – left a lasting impression. It was certainly so in the fashion world in 1966, when Yves Saint-Laurent released his first women’s tuxedo in his spring haute couture collection. Today, that legacy – of dressing women with elegance and power – is very much alive.

Le Smoking 1

On Stephen: Blaze Columbia Signature Suit (Men’s) in Silver, Styles Penny from FNKY in Black. Hair: OC in Black Pearl, Influence by Naughty
On Caliah: Blaze Columbia Signature Suit (Women’s) in Black, Oxfords in Black from 1-800 Bettie’s. Hair: The Grammar in Pearl, Armidi

Blaze Columbia has long been known for his suits in SL, and I recall wearing his men’s pinstripe tux frequently. Earlier this March I dropped him a notecard suggesting that he make another luxury suit for women similar to the Le Smoking, hoping that I could feed my obsession. As time passed and my schedule filled up I almost forgot about my request, until I received an IM from him a while ago that he had released his own tuxedo for women – with a version available for men, as well.

Le Smoking 2
The Columbia Suit in Slate (Women’s).

Le Smoking3
The Columbia Suit in Black (Men’s).

The Columbia Signature Suit features a two-button jacket, a dress shirt with a lay-down collar, pants with smooth sculpted legs and a sculpted bow tie. The women’s version comes with a loose open blouse, and the men’s with an open jacket option. There are two sets of colours – the Rich Tones being more vibrant and saturated, the Earth Tones subtler and more muted, both ranging from light to dark. Amongst the darker colours the Slate suit from the Earth Tones selection is my favourite, as it is dark enough to pass as black or charcoal, but just light enough so you can see the suit’s details. The sculpted-leg pants are one of the best features of this suit – they’re slim, with a long silhouette, and can be worn well with other outfits.

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The Return of Armidi

Posted by Caliah Lyon on October 7, 2007

As I promised in my personal blog, here are a few photographs of what has turned out to be a gorgeous shopping sim and the goodies inside. The Armidi team have put a lot of thought into the shopping experience as well as their products, and this attention to detail is evident in the displays and buildings, which are I think a good example of bringing real-life design concepts into SL (compare this to the Armani build). Some have drawn parallels between Naughty and this sim, but if you were to translate a real-life upscale shopping district with the same neutral tones and common architectural elements into an SL build, some similarities would be inevitable; for me, there are enough differences in the presentation that the similarities are overshadowed (the hair dye box concept, for example). The builds look nothing alike, even if they are similar in colour scheme.


It’s unfortunate that I had very little time with which to explore, as I nipped into SL on another pc simply to check on my account when Armidi opened the first time. However short my first visit, I did manage to pick my favourite from the small selection of styles, the trendy tied-back Soho. Armidi’s approach to hair consists of very realistic textured strands; I would compare it to real-life hair spritzed with seawater for that matte, textured look that was popular on the runways and fashion magazines a while back, only slightly more glossy.

Armidi Gisaci
Left: Gisaci Milano Halter Top in Bronze; Middle: Gisaci Classic Cashmere Turtleneck in Creme (men’s); Right: Gisaci Little Mary dress in Dark Gray. Featured here are the Soho hairstyle in Harvest Gold (left) and the Fi Umo Sunglasses in Black Tortoise/Gold Lenses.

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Soigne, a new and different kind of fashion blog.

Posted by Caliah Lyon on October 4, 2007

Watch this space.

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