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Miracles, Wonders and Strangelove.

Posted by Lucas Lameth on October 25, 2007

Ms. Thaumata Strangelove





“This is what an Angel sounds like. Magic transcends in our Second Life.”

Listen to Ms.Thaumata’s enchanting melody to lighten your day and soften your heart. Just a little reminder that some of the simple joys in life need no complication. That in the end, we are all the same in divine eyes. Sometimes trampled by an endless need of competition, social savagery and foul cynicism.

One day I was blue and sought the nearest shoulder to lean on. Thaumata willingly took me in her deep virtual embrace while she worked her quarter sim which was at the time dubbed “Thaumata’s Own Special Brand of Insanity”. A whole area that changed constantly under her creative whim; a sketchbook of prims. I remember vividly a forest backdrop and an Indian Mantra looped on her personal stream. A song that made me nostalgic. I knew then that moment was meant to be.

Thaumata is an unsual name. I asked her what it meant and why she chose her virtual name.

Thaumata means “Wonders or Miracles in Greek”.

*photo used with permission, view more of Thaumata @


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