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Bunny Tales

Posted by Stephen Bentham on January 26, 2009

Bunny Tales   Bunny Tales

Bunny Tales

Initially, we weren’t going to post on Achariya’s informal Bunny Blogger challenge, fun as it sounded. That is, until we actually wore the avatars and started clothing them. The bunnies themselves have a look reminiscent of the whimsical illustrations in classic children’s books and they were simply too adorable for us to resist from participating. Based on our memories of those illustrations, it was surprisingly easy to put together appropriate outfits, aside from a prim or two that needed adjusting.

Caliah’s outfit is an example of how pieces from entirely different genres can be worn together for a unique, yet cohesive look, from the Spanish-influenced blouse from Shai’s Traje de Mestiza Terno Filipino costume, to the Silentsparrow bloomers and gloves, the lace undershirt and cravat. The feather hat from Paper Couture adds whimsy to an already quaint little ensemble, as do the remaining accessories – monocle, skull-adorned shoes and cigarette holder.

Stephen’s choice of outfit, while just as suited to the bunny avatar, followed a slightly different theme: a sensible suit and waistcoat beneath a tweed overcoat. The rich colors of Shai’s Alfonso Three-Piece suit and the accompanying pocketwatch made it the obvious choice for a gentleman bunny, and though there are likely men’s coats that could have done the job, the Mimi Coat from LeLutKa (formerly Cachet) didn’t even need much resizing to look the part.

Shopping Information:

Avatars: *DP* YumYum Story of a Bunny (gray), prize from Creators’ Stamp Rally 2008

On Caliah:
Traje De Mestiza Terno (Blouse and Butterfly Sleeves), Casa del Shai
White Lace Shirt (undershirt layer), ❤ Cupcakes
Cameo Belt (jacket layer), Pixeldolls group freebie
Cravat from Virginia outfit, Last Call Catwalk Collection (discontinued)
Pants and gloves from the Delphinium outfit (cream), Silentsparrow
Socks from the Asian Beauty outfit, Bare Rose
Nightmare Shoes in White, ::69:: Opening Hunt Gift
Hat from the Turtle Dove outfit, Paper Couture Fall 2008
Dark Knight Monocle, Guild of Crie
Alyssa Diamond Bitchstick switch cigarette w/ holder, Foxy’s Smoke Shop

On Stephen:
Alfonso 3 Piece Suit (olive) & Gentleman’s Fob Watch, Casa del Shai
Mimi Coat (dark grey), LeLutKa
Casual Loafers (black), Redgrave
Flugel glasses, Guild of Crie
Cane (Silver Cap), from the Little Gentleman outfit, Tiny Treasures

photography by Caliah Lyon, taken at Pididdle


15 Responses to “Bunny Tales”

  1. Violet Morellet said

    Best. Bunny. Post. Evar. 😀

  2. achariya said

    ♥ I believe you two just won the internets. I want both of those elaborate outfits — excellent work !

  3. Beautiful Bunnehs… such a classic, perfect capture.. Bravo!

  4. truly wonderful job! I enjoyed you post 🙂

  5. Thank you everyone 😀 We had a lot of fun doing this challenge. And thank you Achariya for the idea!

  6. Creamy said

    Wow, these photographs are so beautiful. They do look like they are right out of a vintage childrens story book. I love the monacles, the dove hat, in fact, everything about the way these outfits are put together *swoons*

  7. doveswanson said

    I luz yer bunnehs.

  8. These are my fav bunnies! Love them! You look amazing.

  9. Terry Toland said

    I really enjoy this post. Not only is there a mixing of outfits that might not be obvious, but I really feel this style compliments the DP YumYum bunnies the best. Truth be told, I am fatigued with seeing the avatars, but this brings me back to fond memories of the Velveteen Rabbit. These are more than just, “Oh look- cute!”. The accessories and outfits bring an alertness to the black eyes, while the colors make the images rustic and natural. Excellent work. ❤

  10. Thank you so much Terry. I’m happy that these had the intended effect, they were great fun and very relaxing to do in comparison with most other photos I’ve done in the past. 🙂

  11. the art direction is simply stunning.. not to mention the fabulous detail in every piece of each ensemble. this blog is an inspiration to many.

    Lyla xx

  12. A wonderful treatment of the challenge, certainly my favorite! I love it.

  13. Yuuki Breen said

    woww cute bunnys *-*
    i love the male bunny outfit soo cutee

  14. […] post by Stephen Bentham […]

  15. hyasynth said in a failed attempt @ finding your email today. Caliah this made me think of you.

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