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Variations on a Theme

Posted by Caliah Lyon on February 2, 2008

As I’d been feeling under the weather for about a week I decided to mark my recovery with this post, which I’d been saving for a rainy day. Posting is oddly therapeutic.

Clothing: Rose Hood Jacket, DP YumYum, L$120; Pleated Neck Babydoll in Ash, Armidi, L$135; Short Pants in Black, Shop Seu, L$90; Metallic Tights in Mauve, Glanz, L$120.
Accessories: Hobo Bag in Black Suede, Celestial Studios, L$150.
Hair: Amber in Blonde, ETD, L$150.
Boots: Tainted Spring (Unique Edition) in Gold Crush, Fuel, L$400.

Left: Grey Hood Jacket, **DP** YumYum, L$120; Frontrunner Dress in Black (Top), Oh! What a Neat Boutique, L$100 (on sale); Shorts from the Manna Outfit (L$200) & Leg Prims from Colleen Bib-Shorts in Charcoal, L$100, Savvy?; Sheryl Skintight Jeans (underpants layer) from the Sheryl outfit, Last Call, L$100 (on sale); Azuki Socks, Hal*Hina, free at store;
Shoes & Accessories: Eva Pumps in Blood, Lassitude & Ennui, L$230; Dotty Belt, Bossa Nova, free gift in store.
Hair (L-R): Nana in Dark Brown, Luxury Hair Jade, L$100.

Middle: Rose Hood Jacket, **DP** YumYum, L$120; Pleated Neck Babydoll in Ash, Armidi; Short Pants in Black, Shop Seu; Tights in Red, Shop Seu, L$50.
Shoes: Tainted Spring (Unique Edition) in Gold Crush, Fuel.

Right: Black Hood Jacket, **DP** YumYum, L$120; Striped Dress, ❤ Cupcakes, L$100 (on sale); Colleen Bib-shorts in Bronze, Savvy?, L$100; Tights in Blue, Shop Seu, L$50.
Shoes: Aphrodite Creations Vintish (Group Gift)

Left: Indigo Couture Top, Culture Vulture (originally Downtown, store is missing); Bottom of Rainy Day Dress in Black, Armidi, L$235; Metallic Tights in Gold, Glanz, L$120;
Shoes and Accessories: Maitresse Metisse Boots, Storm Schmooz, L$500; Glitterati Hobo Bag, Celestial Studios, L$150; Courtney Buckled Belt, Armidi, L$125; Eclectic Necklace in Silver, Muse, to be released; Whisper Bracelet in Uni/Silver, Earthtones, L$159.
Hair (L-R): Amber in Tawny & Amber in Blonde, ETD, L$150.

Right: Sweater from Hunting Season in Blue, MG Fashion, L$425; Alligator Corset from the Editorial Outfit, Last Call, L$100 on sale; Brown Check Pants, Kurotsubaki, L$200; Hose in Brown, Blaze, L$100 for pack.
Shoes and Accessories: Sculpted Boots in Smoke, Redgrave, L$450; BBB Bag 10 Three-Pose Bag, Big Boob Boutique, L$348; Tank Watch in Caramel/Gold, Muse, CSI:NY free gift.

Double Paradox (DP), a joint venture by toraji Voom and Masuri Dryke, has been producing noticeably unique clothing for some time now – Masuri’s tweed coats in particular seem to have found their way into the well-stocked closets of some trendy shoppers, while DP YumYum, toraji’s shop, remains one of my favourites to to visit, as much for the colourful, homey atmosphere as the quirky yet cozy selection of clothing she offers at very affordable prices. Her clothing consists of basic staples – buttoned blouses, skirts and one-piece dresses in a combination of textured fabrics in traditional patterns (plaid, florals and polka dots) with some knits and pieces with lace trim.

While several of her pieces have already been featured by other blogs, it took some time for me to find ones that suit my personal style. The YumYum Hood Jackets, with their coloured stitching detail, wood buttons, and fur trim are a steal at L$120 each with the fatpack of three for only L$300; each jacket has prim cuffs, a fur-trimmed hood and prim bottom. The hood and body of the jacket come in both small and medium sizes but are mod, so you can adjust and fit the buttons properly. The nice thing about these jackets is that you can easily layer them with shorts, skirts, and other articles of clothing as they leave a number of crucial attachment points free.

The Nana hair from Jade in the second set of photos is very similar to current styles that I’ve seen on some Japanese style blogs. It’s been featured on SLMaMe several times, but I found it only now, thanks to the handy “Inspect” function.

Since I was asked, the slightly blurred effect on the photos is not the result of a few minutes’ work in Photoshop, but a misty halo effect created in Windlight with certain shiny surfaces, glow, and lighting settings.

Shopping Information:
*DP* YumYum by toraji Voom, Aventi Island (182, 21, 21)
❤ Cupcakes by Mimi Coral, Optimal (112, 222, 24)
Aphrodite Creations by Aphrodite Outlander, Star Scythe (69, 208, 130)
Armidi Accessories by Lola Marquez, Armidi (128, 140, 26)
Big Boob Boutique by Shunta Watanabe, Motomachi (22, 150, 21)
Blaze by Blaze Columbia, Blaze (68, 118, 23)
Bossa Nova by Moire Georgette, Amour (200, 44, 0)
Celestial Studios by Starley Thereian, Celestial City (67, 240, 27)
ETD by Elikapeka Tiramisu, ETD Isle (212, 216, 26)
Fuel by sandy Cleghorn, Arias Requiem (142, 54, 307)
Hal*Hina by Halhi Yoshikawa and Hinano Runo, RekidStyle (100, 173, 34)
Kurotsubaki by sato Yifu, Koenji (200, 210, 33)
Lassitude & Ennui by Jackal Ennui, Nouveau, (62, 62, 31)
Last Call by Ginny Talamasca, Dazzle (68, 11, 27)
Luxury Hair Jade by Topaw Jewell, Sannomiya (228, 136, 40)
MG Fashion by Maria Gherardi, Mystikal (134, 119, 27)
Oh! What a Neat Boutique, Seonggye (82, 92, 601)
Redgrave by Emilia Redgrave, SANDS Shop Art (169, 26, 24)
Savvy? by Dakota Buck, Froth (104, 226, 23)
Storm Schmooz Shoes by Storm Schmooz, Modish (54, 28, 27)

15 Responses to “Variations on a Theme”

  1. lol @ Big Boob Boutique 😀 I love the top ensembles in particular – not to mention the photos that completely caught my eye. Really enjoy your posts.

  2. DayDreamer Langway said

    Such a keen,sartorial elegance,that you have. Great post ! 🙂

  3. Thanks Gillian 🙂 Those jackets are great fun to mix and match, probably my favourite purchase in a while. I liked how the mix of colours in the second set turned out, though the process was messier than I thought it would be 😛

    (Big Boob Boutique, Big Booty Big Money…I’m wondering what’s next)

    Thank -you- Day 🙂

  4. Shir Dryke said

    Thank you again, you always make me shop for an hour or so lol. I love the Nana hair! And ooh, Shop Seu has a really nice new haircut out. So thanks – I badly needed a hairshot, got a bit twitchy on lack of new ones:)

  5. Fantastic looks, Caliah! And don’t think I missed the sly and subtle placement of a silver Eclectic necklace!

  6. Great post! 🙂

  7. Adia Clary said

    I always love what you are wearing, Caliah. You are such a fashion icon! I wish I had your sense of style (and budget). You could make anything look fab! Whereas I would make everything look unfashionable. I absolutly love this blog!!! Hope you feel better! 😀

  8. Thank you guys 🙂

    Phoenix – that’s something I should be putting out soon but I don’t have any more adboard space for this collection, it was giving me a headache 😛

  9. Arianna Psaltery said

    Hmm I’m interested in the “Tainted Spring (Unique Edition) in Gold Crush, Fuel”. Are those available for sale?

  10. Yes Arianna – at sandy Cleghorn’s shop, which has some other interesting goodies for sale 🙂

  11. Liqueur said

    Almost looks lifelike ! This is a fantastic post as usual.

    I really liked purple one (because of I already have all of them) thank you so much for great post !

  12. Tarasia Ashbourne said

    I just discovered this blog, and have been shocked how more than a few pieces I wouldn’t mind wearing myself! 😛 Some of the ensembles– especially by you Caliah– I squeel to myself, “Hey, I would wear it that way!” Haha, its going to be hard not imitating you, exactly! I’ll be tracking this blog from now on…. Ahh elegance! Wonderful!

  13. I know I’m late to the dance to comment this post, but WOW! Such a beautiful outfit.


  14. […] should you choose to read up yourself (and I would…and have!) can be found at Fashion Victim, Soigne, and Linden […]

  15. […] YumYum has always been one of my favourite stores, though I haven’t blogged them in a while. Designer toraji Voom has set out three lucky chair prizes. I was fortunate enough to get all […]

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