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Happy Birthday Roslin!

Posted by Caliah Lyon on November 26, 2007

The staff of Soigné would like to wish Tête à Pied makeup artist, Soigné team member and “Classiest Broad in SL” Roslin Petion the very best on her birthday.

Birthdaycake copy

Happy Birthday Ros!

4 Responses to “Happy Birthday Roslin!”

  1. roslinpetion said

    OK, who made that yummy looking cake but forgot to invite me over to eat it? Thanks for the birthday wishes guys.

  2. Stevie B. said

    Happy Birthdayyyyy!

    You know, this once again raises the question of how you became Caliah and I’s adopted daughter despite being older. I’m still not sure how that works, but we’re glad to have you…lmao. 😛

  3. happy birthday ms. roslin!!! you’re simply scruptious!


    caLLie 🙂

    p.s. sorry i ate the cake… mmmmm it was good!

  4. hi Caliah!I tagged u !

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