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apple monkey artist

Posted by Lucas Lameth on May 17, 2008

Mm. I got lost exploring the Japanese sims again. My favorite place to browse is creators pavilion sim. This time I found a store called Last Ride (where I bought my apple shirt) and its totally awesome. An equal inventory for men and women for a small store and really cute stuff. If i were a girl I would totally rape it. So check it out gals! Oh, and creators pavillion is having a sale, so it’s a good time to stop by.

I love browsing ETD and finding hair that makes me want to yell “UNISEX!”. There are some hair stores struggling to make long mens hair but really, honestly failing miserably. The mens long hair they make and sell is so ugly and feminine even the romance book fabio men will spit on them. Thankfully, elikapika (who is currently MIA because of computer issues or something) makes nice long hair that I secretly wear as a man. This one is called “Deidra” but lets call it “Deidro”. Its my new favorite long hairstyle. Wee!

I followed a link on the fashion feed to this watch and was so happy it came in a simple black. How often do you come across fashionably acceptable mens accessories? ALMOST NEVER. So this watch is a catch. Exploring the sim appropriately named “Ganesha” (beloved elephant deity) I stumbled on a cute store called Lovecraft where I found this CUTE monkey bag! They also had this nice red plaid backpack but hmm… plaid backpack vs. monkey backpack. Sorry plaid but you’ll have to wait.

I tried tried tried hard not to include any Armidi today. Not because we don’t love Armidi but because they are the obvious fashion power house who really has everything. — I ended up caving in and investing in these awesome emo stiched pants which are slightly different from my chino’s I have from them. Also I picked up  these cherry red shades from them a while back and was happy it worked out with today’s outfit.

Ofcourse everyone knows Shiny Things signature Painters Shoes. If you dont you should. Because 1) They’re awesome 2) They’re Free 3) They’re awesome

Well, that’s a wrap. Ciao lovelies!

SKIN Ethan 01 Portrait skin by Laqroki (Formerly known as RaC) HAIR ETD Deidra – Black SHIRT :::Last Ride::: T-shirts [Apple-blue] PANTS Armidi Limited – Modern Pants  (Light Gray) Leg (R) SHADES Armidi Limited – Machimo Sunglasses [Cherry] MONKEY BACKPACK *Lovecraft’s* Siennah LoveMonkey Backpack (White n Red) WATCH Vega Watch (Black) by Fetch TATTOO AITUI TATTOO – Reside ::method:: /Full Upper Body/ SHOES (Shiny Things) Freebie Painter Shoes POSES Standing poses by FORM, sitting pose by COVA


11 Responses to “apple monkey artist”

  1. doveswanson said

    Okay, just for wearing that hair and making it look so cool, you get +10 fash pts. 😀 Yay!

  2. Wow. My personal fave of all you’ve blogged so far. Very cool.

    I’m on my own personal odyssey for decent male long hair myself, I totally feel your pain.

  3. Dakota Lubitsch said

    You are my style icon!

    I’ve been struggling to find decent male hair that isn’t super short or looks completely ridiculous as well.

    After reading your blog entry I immediately went to ETD and bought a few hairstyles – including Deidra because it looks so good on you.

  4. […] bloggers. I’ve read every post of his since he started blogging on Soigné again. In his most recent entry he was wearing a female hairstyle from ETD. I’ve never thought about putting female […]

  5. AnaLu said

    That is one of my fav hairs from ETD!

  6. Lucas Lameth said

    @Dove – Thanks hehe ^^

    @Winter – hehe yea most of my fave long hair have been from ETD

    @Dakota – /me humps your leg

    @Ana – weee

  7. A friend of mine (male) wears lots of females hair as he almost never finds his thing in male hair sections..
    You should have a look at truth Lucas!! Some styles there will fit you great as well…

    You are rocking that outfit AND hair!
    ❤ Shelbs

  8. MONKEY BACKPACK is very lovely!:))

  9. pork said


  10. Funkykim said

    Triple-cool 🙂 I love wandering through Japanese sims. It all started when I bought a Japanese shape. I just love their sense of style. Anyway, can’t talk now, because I’m off exploring!
    . . . Kim

  11. Lucas Lameth said

    @ Shelby – Yea, ugh, I have been meaning to but have not had the proper oppurtunity to rape new/recent TRUTH hair.

    @ Monta – haha yea, hes oddly charming

    @ Pork – yes sir!

    @ Funky – lol, me too. I hope you share what you find xD

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