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Black Widow

Posted by Caliah Lyon on April 13, 2008

 Black Widow Black Widow

The Black Widow Black Widow
Black Widow


Take one black swimsuit. Cover with a satin shrug, add billowing black sleeves and a sculptured cowl for volume. Top with a vintage black hat, add heavy gold jewellery. Sleek black footless tights optional. Serve chilled in stiletto heels.

Bijou’s new releases occasioned for a shift in my usual clothing routine. I rarely wear swimsuits unless for a photo shoot, and so I tend never to buy them. Kotobuki Jewell’s new Fabulous swimsuit, however, I thought merited a buy, and I found myself getting the fatpack for the coloured wrap tops (that come on separate shirt and jacket layers). Temptation got the better of me and I set out to have some fun with the swimsuit in black, which, for me, usually means more black, big shades, and a resulting outfit that I usually wish I hadn’t come up with, as I always end up looking kookily overdressed (my definition of fun is strange, I know). That’s what SL is for, though, isn’t it?

If the first outfit seems to bare a little too much belly, I’d suggest layering a sheer undershirt beneath the shirt and jacket layer. I’m afraid I’m not the best at pulling off colour, so I opted for a sheer grey jacket from Shir Dryke (shop coming soon), though the end result is far less dramatic than with just bare skin.

My only complaint on the Bijou swimsuits is that the bottom half has a noticeable seam along the navel, though it’s only obvious at a closer glance. The detailing on the gold ring buckle and the texturing isn’t bad at all, and at Bijou’s prices, I don’t regret buying the fatpack. I suspect it will be a challenge to mix these tops, though.

If you read all the way through this post, it’s time to reap the rewards – that is, if you’re fast enough. The first three posters to reply (with a complete sentence) will receive this unreleased black pearl and diamond cocktail ring from Muse in their choice of gold or silver, and will have it delivered to them as soon possible. Happy posting!

Hair; The Ballerina Bun in Platinum, MMS; Skin: MMS Gen4 Fair, Makeup 1A & Makeup 7A; Eyes: Glanz Clear Eyes Noble Purple

Left: Fabulous Swimsuit top in Black, shirt layer, Bijou, L$220; Neck Drape from the Certain Curtain outfit (modified for narrower fit), Veschi, $175; Satin shrug from the Ally Outfit, Last Call (discontinued); Sleeves from the Silk Gypsy Outfit, Paper Couture, L$250; High-waisted Satin Pants (underpants layer) from the Satin & Ruffles Reglisse, G.L.A.M. (tinted) L$90 on sale; Tights from the Minthor outfit in Black, Cachet, L$450; Ingrid Hat in Black (modified), Elegance Hats, L$200; Madeleine Bag in Noir, Paper Couture, L$110; Slinky Stilettos in Red, Maitreya, L$350; Quartz Crystal Bangle, Miam Miam L$95; Obnoxious Shades with Black Lenses, Vintage, $100; Celine Black Pearl Earrings in Gold, Muse, $300; Black Pearl Cocktail Ring in Gold, Muse, as yet unreleased.

Right: Fabulous Swimsuit in Black, shirt, undershirt and underpants layer, Bijou; Satin shrug from the Ally Outfit, Last Call (discontinued); Sleeves from the Silk Gypsy Outfit, Paper Couture; Hood from the Gillian Pantsuit in Black, MG Fashion, $400; Classy Shades with Black Lenses, Vintage, $100; Venus sandals in Sleek Noir, The HUB, $300; Anquiste Bracelet, Bebe, as yet unreleased; Celine Black Pearl Earrings in Gold, Muse, $300; Black Pearl Cocktail Ring in Gold, Muse, as yet unreleased.

Shopping Information:
Bijou by Kotobuki Jewell, Takaraduka (170, 163, 32)
Bebe by Eyva Matova, Norcott Center (54, 142, 23)
Cachet by Minnu Palen and Thora Charron, Glam World (200, 213, 23)
Elegance Hats by Morrigan Hyun, Maryport (241, 82, 55)
G.L.A.M. by Chloris Hathor, Miam Miam by Pearlie Pedro, & Vintage by Vintage Mcmillan, Viva La Glam (149, 148, 63)
Maitreya by Onyx Leshelle and Beauvoir Rousselot, Glam World (206, 151, 26)
MG Fashion by Maria Gherardi, Mystikal (129, 120, 27)
Muse by Caliah Lyon, Muse, (148, 148, 24)
Paper Couture by the Lus, Tableau, (63, 63, 22)
The HUB by Jessie Gervasi and JH Gervasi, Linji, (37, 145, 67)
Veschi by Alla Ruff, Juicy (207, 177, 24)

16 Responses to “Black Widow”

  1. Moisie Swindlehurst said

    You are a bird of paradise.

  2. Moisie Swindlehurst said

    And I ALWAYS read all the way through your posts! Call me die-hard.

  3. Jessie Gervasi said

    You look FABULOUS Caliah, as always! Especially in those sandals! 😉

  4. Simply stunning.

  5. Congratulations ladies, I’ll be sending you your prize tomorrow 🙂 (Just leave me an offline/IM inworld and let me know whether you’d like silver or gold)

  6. Aradia Dielli said

    I AM LATE, that’s what happens to be for going to sleep. You look beautiful Caliah, I love what you did with that suit.

  7. Allala said

    You are so creative!!!! 😀 I LOVE the way you combo-ed that top.

  8. bex hathaway said

    wow, nice! I LOVE it!

  9. alaskametro said

    Look at those legs!!! Fabulous as always 🙂

  10. Thank you all for your comments ❤ And Alla, I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us, the prim parts and layers of your outfits are amazingly versatile 🙂

  11. Arianna Psaltery said

    Enchanting 🙂 I love it when you go all out. It’s just like those classic magazine shoots with Hollywood stars of the ’50’s

  12. Adia Clary said

    Looking beautiful as usual! Very GLAM!

    Adia Clary

  13. Cerise Smythe said

    Hi Caliah. I love you site. I was just actually referred to it by a friend of mine. I was wondering if you could help me out… I wanted to check out the store Bebe, mentioned in this post, but when I tried to tp to it I ended up in a store called Soft Touch. I tried searching for it as well. Any idea what happened to them? I’d really appreciate it. Thank you.

  14. Hi Cerise – you can drop a notecard or IM Eyva Matova, if her picks aren’t up to date – she’s the creator. Good luck!

  15. Cerise Smythe said

    Hi Caliah. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your response & most especially for your awesome designs; can’t wait for your future ones to come! Take care!

  16. love the handbag.. and sunglass

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