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In Equal Measure

Posted by Caliah Lyon on February 14, 2008

My Valentine’s Day finds, and this week’s events

Sculpted Hat with Birds, free Valentine’s gift from Happy Mood. 

While I’d recovered from the flu fairly recently, my periods of fatigue seem to have only increased (common, I’m told, after being ill). On top of which my beloved (and new) laser mouse decided to develop a bad case of drift, making it impossible to even rotate a large item I’d rezzed. I rely on this mouse’s sensitivity for finer control over my primwork, so you can imagine how much of a setback this is.

Fortunately, this past week, in which we’ve been quite thoroughly spoiled by the grid-wide Valentine hunts and gifts being so freely given in all the update groups, seemed one for as much good as it was for the bad. Firstly I was invited to become the editor of Glam SL Magazine, and had the honour of modelling in the magazine launch fashion show for Ghost, Muism, Leezu Baxter, Nicky Ree, Paper Couture, and Cachet. In my opinion this was one of the most well-produced shows I’ve modelled in. It was an opportunity to work with folks like Tamara Kirshner and Miko Omegamu, and the drive of everyone involved was nothing short of inspiring. I’m looking forward to what I can contribute to the magazine, and have already begun work on next month’s issue, which I promise you will be worth the wait.


The new home of Fleur, formerly Tete a Pied skins, opened with a Casino Royale-themed party next to Nicky Ree’s Tropical Orchid sim. CJ has done wonders with the build, which I recognised from the interior as being a beautiful re-creation of the world-famous Raffles Hotel in Singapore, and I only regret that I was late to the party. There was much banter and a roulette table, and the partygoers won gift cards for both Fleur and Nicky Ree. Of their new Shoujo skin line my favourite has to be the one inspired by Isabella from Paradise Kiss – you’ll know which if you’ve watched the series 🙂

As for Valentine’s gifts, you won’t want to miss out on some of the offerings from smaller boutiques that aren’t on any of the feeds. From the items that have been blogged elsewhere, I liked the gifts from Celestial Studios’ group, Veschi in the La Reina hunt, as well as the Alchemy dress (still available until the 14th at Alchemy).

Happy Mood is best known for its adorable sculpted pets (especially its cuddle rabbits) and its whimsically decorated shop in Osaka. I was fortunate enough to hear of their free Valentine’s Day gift available today, a beautifully sculpted hat with birds and a sprig of leaves, shown above. I think this is one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts out there, so be sure to stop by and get yourself a copy. Note that you have to find the item 😉

Kiki’s Closet, which has a number of very well-done goth accessories and chokers, is giving away a very detailed V-day belt. I would prefer this in black or white leather rather than brown, but it’s mod, so the textures can be changed. The belt is located on the boardwalk rather than the store itself.


Lastly, ARGRACE is giving away sets for both men and women, consisting of a beanie with hair and a short-sleeved zip-up top, in grey and pink. The Valentine’s basket is on the counter right inside the door.

Today’s outfit (upper right photo), while not Valentine-themed (I admit I’m not one for Valentine’s Day) was inspired by one of the shots from the Sartorialist, one of my favourite style blogs. I was relieved as I’d bought the Bijou knit dress in the wrong colour, and it fit this outfit perfectly. Credits are as follows below.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day. 🙂

Shopping Information:

Top Photo:
Valentine’s Day Hat from Happy Mood by Sasaya Kayo
Bowl Hair in Snow from COIF by Paulie Tamale
Paper Couture Skin from Minnu Model Skins by Minnu Palen (unreleased)
Paper Couture Outfit (P.C. spring line, unreleased)

Right Photo:
Full Sculpted Knit Jacket in Dark Grey from Cubic Effect by mirai Jun
Daydream Knit Dress in Black from Bijou by Kotobuki Jewell
Tintable Metallic Lycra Tights (free) in Dark Tone from G.L.A.M. by Chloris Hathor
Chi Chi Shoes in Black from Maitreya by Onyx Leshelle
Fi Umo Sunglasses in Black Tortoise with Black Lenses from Armidi
Bag from Boudoir by Xia Xevious (not yet released)
Electric Bugaloo Scarf from Gritty Kitty by Noam Sprocket

14 Responses to “In Equal Measure”

  1. Casandra Shilova said

    Hi Caliah,

    I remember a discussion several months ago on a good mouse to use for design, but can’t locate it again. Would you mind telling me what you like, and if the problem you experienced is correctable?

    Congratulations on your new position 😀


  2. Bibs Burns said

    Hi Caliah! thanks for sharing your excellent taste and these wonderful Valentine gifts. I had a great time collecting them 🙂

  3. Genna Gray said

    Love the hat. I see that going well with one of the dresses from the spring paper couture collection. Also, I found that same Valentine gift from ARGRACE the night I ran into you and had to also get the version with the black/grey cap. Although sadly it does not come in my traditionally red hair, I think I’ll put it on whenever I want to be a silky brunette. 😉

  4. Thanks guys 🙂

    Casandra – I was using a Logitech cordless gaming mouse, but it started having problems fairly early, so I’m not sure whether I’d recommend it. I’d probably try and look for something more robust, it had about 2000 dpi and was great to use.

    Genna – I actually bought two of the men’s sets instead of the pink zippered top and had to run back today to get them 😛 There are so many Valentine’s Day freebies in the Japanese sims, but these are the ones I liked most.

  5. Oh wow!! Thanks for discovering these amazing goodies! I would never have known about these if it wasn’t for you 😀

  6. Arianna Psaltery said

    *squee* I LOVE your sense of style 🙂 The bird hat IS adorable 😀

  7. Thank you!

    Have a Happy Valentine’s guys 🙂

    Creamy – I tend to run across freebies a lot when I do go wandering, I’ll drop you a few lms/ncs next time I find something good 🙂

  8. […] the adorable new Valentine skin from , it’s a freebie!!!Thanks to Caliah at Soigne in Second Life for introducing us to Agrace, I don’t think we would have discovered it otherwise – along […]

  9. Adia Clary said


    Okay, first things first, I know you are a huge star in the fashion world, but how did you get the PC unreleased because I want something soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad from PC before it is relesed, also how did you get the PC Skins? Also the hair is not out at the Dreamworld East location, that is collection 1, collection 2 is @ silent, and collection 3, at least to my knowledge is out yet. Yes, I know you are friends with all the top designers in SL because otherwise you wouldn’t get all these freebies. But since most people don’t have the connections and the money power to get things that are unreleased. Perhaps it isn’t best to blog about them until they are soon to be released, like next week, because it shows your snobbish attitude toward us, by preening around.

    My 2 cents


  10. Adia, I was a model in the fashion show for Paper Couture 🙂 and the hair is from COIF, not Paper Couture. It never really occurred to me to gloat over people just because I have unreleased versions of skins, clothing or accessories – half the professional models in SL must have such items in their wardrobe at one time or the other, and it seems shallow and pointless to do so when ideally, one’s journey in SL fashion should be all about self-exploration, the enjoyment of beauty and aesthetics (and a desire to share that enjoyment), and not the use of other people to inflate one’s ego. I simply use what I think looks best for the situation, and it is always purely for aesthetics, personal taste, or practical reasons that I use an item in the Soigne posts, not some motive to endorse or ingratiate myself with anyone. I am my own person, stubbornly so, and I will not leap at trends or be a sheep. At the same time I will not shrink from using these items in my photos. If this post was about the skin, I would say you have a point, but it is not.

    I will use this comment to make a plea to designers, which will be the subject of my next post. Often, I do not release an item because it’s something that I’ve made for myself to complete an outfit and because of the standards I set myself, I do not release it to the public. Or I actually have some items before they are released because I’ve been desperately seeking them for days, or months, only to find out someone is working on something similar or willing to make them (like in the case of Blaze’s suit, or some hats by Morrigan Hyun that fit the needs of a shoot perfectly). SL is lacking a great many things, fashion staples, that for some reason haven’t been made, and often we have to scrounge to make do. And I don’t mean outlandish or couture pieces, but common ones.

    Even if personally, you aren’t inclined to be more than conservative, help designers innovate by talking with them and discussing your design ideas. Don’t bombard them in IM or send them too many notecards, but be friendly and make the suggestion when you have the chance. Many are receptive to them, and while designers are generally very busy people, sometimes they appreciate the inspiration.

    (Also Adia, huge star? Erh…I don’t think so!)

  11. Day Langway said

    @Adia – Usually when one begs,one doesn’t complain (therefore showing envy),after.

    My two cents!

  12. Caliah ,you’re tagged! 😀

  13. Ahh! I found you in the maze of the blogging community! I went through Milla’s blog, then Chrisy Jewell’s blog…

    As I’ve said before, it’s like a maze. Loving the post! Although I hesitate to talk to you on SL just because I am sure you are busy! More questions to ask later! ^^

    -P ❤

  14. adveldind said

    Great Article , I thought it was exceedingly great

    I look forward to more similar postings like this one. Does Your Blog have a newsletter I can subscribe to for new posts?

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