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Redefining the Classics

Posted by Caliah Lyon on November 13, 2007

Grey may have been the choice staple this fall/winter, but for those who prefer richer colours and a more traditional autumnal palette the deep metallics – bronze, gold – as well as the usual red, sienna, and orange – are a sure way to add a touch of warmth. The silhouette is slim and spare in these five outfits, but the look is far from minimalist with fur, wool, brocade, muted prints, and crocodile.

Designers have achieved near-perfection with many of the sculptie knee-high boots recently, and the choices here are must-haves.

The Nicole Suit from Nicky Ree is perhaps one of the most versatile of dressy alternatives to a gown; with Nicky’s usual array of skirt and pant options and a few choice changes of accessories one can have a myriad of variations on the basic suit. Wear with a delicate cocktail hat from Morrigan Hyun, some fur trim and the long centre skirt for a touch of Old Hollywood, or a high-collared undershirt and Siyu Suen’s Sun Hat tinted dark grey (free at her store) for a costume with a hint of the Edwardian, sans corset.

Nicole Suit in Black,  Nicky Ree, L$800; Fur Collar in Grey from the Duchess Coat, Casa Del Shai, L$750; Fur Cuffs (tinted dark grey) from the Anneline Brown Jacket by  Ivalde, Calla Anniversary gift; Leather Gloves in Black, Tete a Pied, L$100; Valena Hat in Black, Elegance Hats, L$175; Alyssa Diamond Bitchstick, Foxy’s Smoke Shop, L$290, Claris Black Pearl Choker and Earrings, RFL Limited Edition, Muse; Ten-Colour Ankle-Strap Pump, Stiletto Moody, L$2750. Hair: Christina from ETD.

The Virginie Breeches and Liah Boots in Chocolate both have a rich bronze gleam; matched with a leopard-patterned silk blouse, leather gloves and the Tilo leather posture collar/scarf, this may be orange overkill, but the combination of textures in the same palette made this outfit too fun to resist.

Secretary Blouse in Brown, Casa del Shai (pack), L$400; Gunmetal Breeches from the Virginie Riding Suit, Last Call, L$450; The Marquise Corset in Chocolate (undershirt layer), Casa del Shai, L$450;  Posture Collar from the Tilo outfit, Last Call, L$400; Short Leather Gloves in Tan, Tete a Pied, L$100; Tri-Colour Ethnic Wood Bangle, Earthtones, L$129; Classic Tank Watch in Natural/Gold, Muse, $200; Liah Boots in Chocolate, Last Call: Vamp, L$250; Hair: Gwen from ETD.

High-quality open coats for women are still a rarity despite the recent windfall of coats, and as such the fact that this striking metallic red crocodile trench was made for men shouldn’t discourage one from wearing it. Tone down the effect with a a black sweater dress, a scarf rather than the fur collar, and play up the manga-esque element with some metallic leggings, dyed hair and a slick pair of boots.

Le Smoking Croc Trench Coat in Red, Casa del Shai, L$700; Rainy Day Dress in White (tinted dark grey), Armidi Gisaci, L$235; Metallic Leggings in Bronze, Armidi Limited, L$95; Electric Bugaloo Patterns Scarf, Gritty Kitty (Block Party Limited Edition); Fear and Loathing Watch, Wilted Rose, L$120; Kyoto Boots in Black/Black, L$375, and Fi Umo Sunglasses in Black Tortoise/Black Lens, L$225, Armidi Gisaci. Hair: Pasadena Girl III (full flex) from Armidi.

The same fitted dress from Armidi can be paired with this golden brocade blazer for a different and very versatile, sophisticated look; change the bronze leggings and sleek boots to hose and a pair of pumps, and you can go from dressy casual to all business in a matter of seconds. Add chunky gold jewelry and a vibrantly coloured crocodile bag.

Jennifer Brocade Belted Blazer, Last Call, L$200; Rainy Day Dress in Black, Armidi Gisaci, L$235; Metallic Leggings in Bronze, Armidi Limited, L$95; Sculptie Boots in Black, Redgrave, L$450; Freja Shoulder Bag in Pink, Bare Rose, L$140; Fi Umo Sunglasses in Black Tortoise/Gold Lens, L$225, Armidi Gisaci; Gold Necklace from Muse (as yet unreleased); Triste Rosette Earrings in Gold, Muse, L$300. Hair: Phoebe from ETD.

Comfortable enough for drinks at the pub but dressy enough for an evening out, this look hinges on the richly textured sweater with a trompe l’oeil rose and string of pearls. Complete with prim cuffs and collar and a plain option, they’re available in a variety of colours and a steal at 10L.

Cuddly Sweater in Red with Rose, Simone at Fashion Avenue, L$10; Skirt from the Nouvelle Librarian in Corn and Brown, Casa del Shai, L$250; Red hose from the 13-colour hose pack, Blaze, L$100; Sculptie Boots in Smoke from Redgrave, L$450; Freja Square Handbag in Brown, Bare Rose, L$140; Freshwater Pearl Necklace, Muse CSI:NY free gift, and Claris Pearl Earrings in Gold, L$50. Hair: Phoebe from ETD.

Have a good week 🙂

Shopping Information:

Armidi by Lola Marquez, Nicole David and Liam Oliver, Armidi (135, 127, 26)
Blaze by Blaze Columbia, Blaze (71, 118, 23)
Casa del Shai by Shai Delacroix, Deco (102, 160, 31)
Designing Nicky Ree by Nicky Ree, Tropical Orchid (230, 128, 30)
Last Call and Last Call: Vamp by Ginny Talamasca and Lyra Muse, Dazzle (68, 11, 27)
Simone at Fashion Avenue by Simone Stern, Fashion Avenue (128, 133, 28)
Redgrave by Emilia Redgrave, SANDS Shop Art (188, 22, 0)
Stiletto Moody Shoes by Stiletto Moody, Deauville (38, 45, 23)
Ivalde by Neferia Abel, Ivalde (93, 153, 35)
Elegance Hats by Morrigan Hyun, Ivalde (61, 126, 35)
Earthtones Boutique by Lucas Lameth, Muse (80, 166, 108)
Muse by Caliah Lyon, Linji (143, 152, 49)
Foxy’s Smoke Shop by LupineFox Paz, Manhattan Beach, (92, 33, 272)
Wilted Rose by Rose Columbia, Bloom County (8, 99, 24)


22 Responses to “Redefining the Classics”

  1. delilahstyleschmyle said

    simply gorgeous ensembles, Caliah 🙂

  2. Alyse said

    Those are truly gorgeous outfits & photos!

  3. Thank you ^^

  4. You always make gorgeous outfits and take amazing pics!

  5. Thank you Ana 🙂 And thanks for inviting us to your party again, that was great fun.

  6. Arianna Psaltery said

    What great locations 🙂 I have the Nicole suits so now I know what I could do with it 🙂 Sweeet!

  7. very gorgeous post, just found your blog today, love it!


    *sends some Krug Grand Cuvée & iranian beluga your way* (oh with crytal flutes of course)

    caLLie cline

  8. Ariana: The Nicole’s probably my favourite from Nicky’s creations (with the possible exception of the Mooie Vogel in white, which I’m keeping for a special occasion). I had to have the teal too, though by far black is the one I wear most 🙂

    Callie, thank you – this blog was actually Steve’s idea *laughs* and we really ought to be posting some finds that aren’t clothing, just to give people some ideas for gifts 🙂

  9. Genna Gray said

    Such luscious textures and colors as well as the descriptions to match! Winter can be cold and grey, but it doesn’t mean we have to dress that way too. Great work on a truly inspiring post. 🙂

  10. Choice Siter said

    Sophisticated ensembles. Beautifully-styled.and with succint, profesional fashion advice. You’re setting the bar very high and it’s refreshing to see. I anticipate your future posts. I have enjoyed all so far.

  11. Thank you, Genna. 🙂

    Choice: *smiles* Thank you. I certainly will strive to maintain the quality of my posts 🙂

  12. Moisie Swindlehurst said

    You are the MOST BEAUTIFUL avatar EVER.

  13. ❤ Moisie 🙂

  14. /me agrees with Moisie! 😛

    *Tickles Caliah and mumbles something about great taste*

    Thanks for the kind comments on the entries here so far 😀

  15. Don’t encourage her!! These outfits look so good, it’s making me spend WAY too much money. Bad bad bad Caliah! Please post ugly stuff I don’t want to buy.

  16. Hahahah. 😀

    *shoos Steve off to write something*

  17. Just fabulous! Love every outfit — and particularly that red coat! 🙂

  18. Thank you Milla – it’s probably my favourite coat now. If Shai makes any more I think I’ll have to start rethinking my shopping budget 😛

  19. wow, this is spectacular.thanks for raising the fashion-blogging bar with an enviable knowledge of fashion, good writing and beautiful pictures.

    it inspired a shopping spree last night. only do do not look nearly as amazing as you do.

  20. Stevie B. said

    Dear, if Shai makes any more I’ll have to figure out yet another way to distract you long enough to IM her, pay her, and have them delivered before you can get to them.

    The response is always priceless… “O0 what have you done nowwww?” 😛

  21. Mer said

    Great outfits, ALL of them!!!

  22. Arianna Psaltery said

    Nicole is mine too! During her special sale in Tropical Orchid, I bought every color *blushes*

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