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The Columbia Signature Suit from Blaze

Posted by Caliah Lyon on October 16, 2007

Long ago, when I first saw Helmut Newton’s famous, iconic photographs of Yves’ Saint-Laurent’s "Le Smoking," I was utterly captivated by the imagery in those black and white photos. I don’t recall what age I was, only that that lean woman in her mannish, fiercely elegant suit, cigarette in hand – left a lasting impression. It was certainly so in the fashion world in 1966, when Yves Saint-Laurent released his first women’s tuxedo in his spring haute couture collection. Today, that legacy – of dressing women with elegance and power – is very much alive.

Le Smoking 1

On Stephen: Blaze Columbia Signature Suit (Men’s) in Silver, Styles Penny from FNKY in Black. Hair: OC in Black Pearl, Influence by Naughty
On Caliah: Blaze Columbia Signature Suit (Women’s) in Black, Oxfords in Black from 1-800 Bettie’s. Hair: The Grammar in Pearl, Armidi

Blaze Columbia has long been known for his suits in SL, and I recall wearing his men’s pinstripe tux frequently. Earlier this March I dropped him a notecard suggesting that he make another luxury suit for women similar to the Le Smoking, hoping that I could feed my obsession. As time passed and my schedule filled up I almost forgot about my request, until I received an IM from him a while ago that he had released his own tuxedo for women – with a version available for men, as well.

Le Smoking 2
The Columbia Suit in Slate (Women’s).

Le Smoking3
The Columbia Suit in Black (Men’s).

The Columbia Signature Suit features a two-button jacket, a dress shirt with a lay-down collar, pants with smooth sculpted legs and a sculpted bow tie. The women’s version comes with a loose open blouse, and the men’s with an open jacket option. There are two sets of colours – the Rich Tones being more vibrant and saturated, the Earth Tones subtler and more muted, both ranging from light to dark. Amongst the darker colours the Slate suit from the Earth Tones selection is my favourite, as it is dark enough to pass as black or charcoal, but just light enough so you can see the suit’s details. The sculpted-leg pants are one of the best features of this suit – they’re slim, with a long silhouette, and can be worn well with other outfits.

Men's Columbia Suit Women's Columbia Suit

Signature Earth Tones Signature Rich Tones

The suits are now available at Blaze’s flagship store.

Shopping Information:

Blaze by Blaze Columbia, Blaze (71, 118, 23)
1-800 Bettie’s by Fey Fuller, Roosa (236, 24, 28)
FNKY by Funk Schnook, FNKY Cake (128, 43, 24)
Influence by Naughty by Lost Thereian, Naughty, (80, 168, 24)
Armidi Hair by Lola Marquez, Armidi (135, 127, 26)

Photos by Charron Marseille.

7 Responses to “The Columbia Signature Suit from Blaze”

  1. moire said

    aw, you look gorgeous. i look like if killed a waiter and stole his clothes.

  2. tamk said

    Gorgeous photos!

  3. @Moire: *laughs* Add a tray of hors d’oeuvres and I think perhaps I would look close 😛

    And thank you, Tamara 🙂

  4. Arianna Psaltery said

    Thank you for making this request! They certainly don’t have enough tuxedo outfits for women in game 🙂 I love the poses you two took in the pictures!

  5. Arianna: I really am much too obsessed with those photos *g* I do love women’s suits, and am just waiting now for long-lapel jacket that’s mostly open in front 😉

  6. Daniel said

    Impressed, but how about feeding the females to make them look like women ?
    Why do they have to look like sticks and silicone ?

  7. Daniel, if you have a care to look at the original classic photographs of Helmut Newton, the woman depicted in the suit was a tall, angular, skinny model with high, gaunt cheekbones; so, as mannish as possible 😉 Thus, it would make sense to use mannish models with a high-fashion shape over voluptuous, curvy swimsuit models for an editorial based on those photos. I’m not sure why you mentioned silicone, as the breasts of women depicted in these ads and photos seem normal or small to me.

    For models, there are several justifications for using a tall, thin shape. In real life, it is to make the line of the clothes drape and fit better (a taller woman is far more visible on the runway) though the standard of thinness tends to fluctuate with time. In SL, it is to duplicate the look of real-life high-fashion models, but the standards are much less strict as to the shape that is used.

    As it is these women/avatars are not solely for male titillation, either; I would say the majority of us are happy with the avatar shapes we have regardless of what men think 😉 Preferring to have a thin avatar is by no means a statement against curvy women, either. It’s giving in to pressure to conform to a male-defined standard of female beauty (or a societal one) that is harmful, and we certainly do not need the other sex to tell us what our bodies should or should not look like.

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