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The Return of Armidi

Posted by Caliah Lyon on October 7, 2007

As I promised in my personal blog, here are a few photographs of what has turned out to be a gorgeous shopping sim and the goodies inside. The Armidi team have put a lot of thought into the shopping experience as well as their products, and this attention to detail is evident in the displays and buildings, which are I think a good example of bringing real-life design concepts into SL (compare this to the Armani build). Some have drawn parallels between Naughty and this sim, but if you were to translate a real-life upscale shopping district with the same neutral tones and common architectural elements into an SL build, some similarities would be inevitable; for me, there are enough differences in the presentation that the similarities are overshadowed (the hair dye box concept, for example). The builds look nothing alike, even if they are similar in colour scheme.


It’s unfortunate that I had very little time with which to explore, as I nipped into SL on another pc simply to check on my account when Armidi opened the first time. However short my first visit, I did manage to pick my favourite from the small selection of styles, the trendy tied-back Soho. Armidi’s approach to hair consists of very realistic textured strands; I would compare it to real-life hair spritzed with seawater for that matte, textured look that was popular on the runways and fashion magazines a while back, only slightly more glossy.

Armidi Gisaci
Left: Gisaci Milano Halter Top in Bronze; Middle: Gisaci Classic Cashmere Turtleneck in Creme (men’s); Right: Gisaci Little Mary dress in Dark Gray. Featured here are the Soho hairstyle in Harvest Gold (left) and the Fi Umo Sunglasses in Black Tortoise/Gold Lenses.

Although visitors may have been expecting the focus to be on the hair, we were pleasantly surprised by the addition of more chic clothing lines for both men and women, as well as what appears to be a “cosmetics” section. Whether or not this will include skins remains to be seen; when I inquired as to whether the skins in the ads would be made available to the public Ms. Nicole David answered that although they were expressly for the ads there was a possibility due to the demand. What was available when I peeked was a selection of prim nails, and since I rarely wear them, I passed over the opportunity to nab a set. Of the sunglasses, I did buy two – they’re sculptie prims, and I appreciate the fact that they’re actually constructed from prims instead of a texture; I’ve spent many long, fruitless hours hunting for the ideal prim sunglasses in SL.

Armidi Gisaci 2
Left: Gisaci Sequined Midsummer Night Dress in Gold; Right: Gisaci Parisian Beaded Dress in Silver.

When the sim opened again to the public, and I managed to get back online (just two hours after it did) I settled into a comfortable pace to shop at my leisure. Although the cut of the skirts on most of the dresses are not to my personal taste (I prefer A-line, narrow or pencil in my casual chic offerings) I decided to buy the Parisian Beaded Dress, as it looked promising on its “hanger.” I was not to be disappointed in the texture quality, nor was I with the rest of the clothes I bought, and I will be altering some of the prim skirts to suit myself. I also purchased a pair of the Vidalia pumps – these are very well-done sculpted pumps in some appealing croc finishes.

These are my picks from the new Armidi collections. Have fun shopping; it seems I’m sorely in need of it after my brief time without the ‘net.


5 Responses to “The Return of Armidi”

  1. Arianna Psaltery said

    I love the beadwork in each dress. I’ll definitely be making more than one trip 🙂

  2. They have new dresses out, I didn’t even know until I checked today 🙂

  3. Gallia said

    Well… buy the white Sunset boulevard model dress… and tell me if you’re still impress with Armadi’s design… Personally, I spoiled 235 $L for nothing…

  4. I didn’t buy any of the skimpy dresses I’m afraid. There are still the glitch pant problems, though the texturing is very good. I hope they fix it in the most recent release as well (I’m lucky that the ones I bought had the glitch fixes)

  5. Nice post. Would it be fine with you if I was to add your blog to my link exchange directory?

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