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Fall Coats; Seregel for Marc Cain F/W 07.08 Ad Campaign

Posted by Caliah Lyon on September 25, 2007

Fall Coats

Left: Kats Coat in Black, by Antonia Marat, Artilleri; Sweetheart Cloche in Black/Black, by Siyu Suen, Illusions; Torino Bag in Onyx, Paper Couture; Red Leather Gloves from the Natascha Coat in Grey by Shai Delacroix, Casa del Shai; Hose from the Women’s Power Suit in Charcoal, Blaze; Aileen Shoes in Black, by Lyra Muse, Last Call Vamp; Celine Pearl Necklace in Black Pearl/White Crystal/Gold, Celine Pearl Drop Earrings in Black Pearl/Gold, and Ariane Ring in Gold (diamond changed to black pearl) from Muse. Hair: Vivian in Tawny, ETD.

Middle: Natascha Trench Coat in Red and Grey Leather Gloves, Casa Del Shai; Scarf (Electric Bugaloo) from Gritty Kitty (Block Party Exclusive), tinted black; Nea-Ban Fabulous sculpted shades; Melisande boots in Onyx, Last Call Vamp; Celine Pearl Drop Earrings in Black Pearl/Silver, and Ariane Ring in Diamond/Silver, Muse. Hair: River in Iron, Maitreya.

Right: Audrey Coat in Cranberry by Kat Palmer, Immortelle; Bucket Hat (hair removed, reattached to chin) by Alla Ruff, Veschi; Disco Blitz Scarf in Purple from the Disco Blitz tops (store freebie) by Relika Itamae, Relika; Skirt prims (attached to stomach) and glitch pants (tinted black) from the Stray Horse outfit, Paper Couture; Black Leather gloves from Tete a Pied; Hose in Brown by Blaze (from the 13-colour bundle); Black High Heels and Black Pearl Drops (from the River Stone set) by Paper Couture. Hair: Aveda Short Crop in Cinder, ETD.

These coats have been posted about rather often on the Fashion Planet feed, but I wished to include them in my look book with a few accessories, and I was a little late in posting. Of the Artilleri Kats Coats, my favourites are predictably the snow leopard and this, in simple, classic black, both of which I immediately bought upon release; I was very happy with the fit of the prim skirt and the texturing on these coats. Both of Shai’s Natascha coats are must-haves, and I was almost sorry to wear this scarf over the lapel and button detailing.


Of the accessories available now, I spent several days wearing this pair of sunglasses from Nea-Ban. It’s mod and therefore tintable, and goes with almost everything. I’m waiting for them to come out with sculptie retro frames. As far as hats go, I’m fairly conservative in comparison to hat gurus like Mariya Nesiote *grins* but the two above are very easy to match with many of the fall coats. Siyu’s cloche is certainly one of my favourites now, and very affordable, while the Veschi hat is 50% off the usual price, so make sure to pay them a visit.

I’d been looking at this ad campaign for Marc Cain by Seregel (highlighted in many forums and blogs) for a few days and wanted to share the photos. The clothes are simple but lovely, and the lighting works very well with the colours. Click for larger versions.
Seregel 1

Marc Cain Marc Cain 7
Marc Cain 5 Marc Cain 6 Marc Cain

Shopping Information:
Artilleri by Antonia Marat, Axel (200, 190, 702)
Casa del Shai by Shai Delacroix, Deco (112, 150, 30)
Immortelle by Kat Palmer, Dashton (243, 243, 22)
Paper Couture by the Lus, Tableau (159, 112, 25)
Blaze by Blaze Columbia, Blaze (71, 118, 23)
Illusions by Siyu Suen, Carnivale (208, 94, 33)
Veschi by Alla Ruff, Hopes Point (170, 85, 23)
Last Call/Last Call: Vamp by Ginny Talamasca & Lyra Muse, Dazzle (68, 11, 27)
Relika by Relika Itamae, Eventide Far East, (137, 169, 41)
Nea-Ban by Aenea Christensen, West Sunset (89, 96, 22)
Tete a Pied by CJ Carnot and Roslin Petion, Nouveau (224, 163, 21)
Muse by Caliah Lyon, Linji (143, 151, 49)
ETD by Elikapeka Tiramisu, ETD Isle, (219, 220, 27)
Maitreya by Onyx Leshelle and Beauvoir Rousselot, Superieure (100, 47, 451)

9 Responses to “Fall Coats; Seregel for Marc Cain F/W 07.08 Ad Campaign”

  1. anonymous said

    OMG!!!!! that background, the antlers, fall ’07 Marc Cain is SO Fall ’06 Paper Couture 😀

    /hugs, Grazia

  2. ladyofavalon77 said

    All my favorite coats in one place ^_^ Maybe these new fashion pics will inspire some more trends 😀

  3. caliah said

    *laughs* You’re right, I didn’t see the resemblance at first!

  4. caliah said

    I’d been meaning to do this right away after I got all these coats, but I was too busy. I generally just snap a picture when I have a look I like, then composite a photo after a few days. It helps distract me when I’m needing a break from making things or attending to customers 🙂

  5. anonymous said

    Aww, can you please tell me where this lovely sweater you’re wearing with the Nea-Ban glasses is from?

    I just have to run for it!


  6. caliah said

    It’s actually not released yet, *smiles* It’s by Xia Xevious, and she plans to offer it at her shop (Boudoir) once it’s finished 🙂

  7. anonymous said

    Thank you Caliah,
    I will add it to my to-buy-list 🙂


  8. anonymous said

    Grazia: Hehe, and the antlers are very Viktor & Rolf fall 04 🙂

    Caliah: Wonderful looks, and how flattering to be called a hat guru. Haha, I’m not worthy! It put a smile on my face – thanks.

    Mariya Nesiote

  9. caliah said

    Oh you certainly are ^^

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