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The Catwalk Collection by Last Call

Posted by Caliah Lyon on August 19, 2007

Beautiful does not even begin to describe the Catwalk Collection, the latest release by Last Call. When I mentioned Jean-Paul Gaultier’s stunning fall collection and some highlights of the fall fashion shows in my previous posts, I’d hoped that some of the visual elements of this season would serve as inspiration to designers and find their way to SL; I was surprised and delighted that Ginny not only took notice, but took these elements and turned out a release of such quality that it is easily one of her best to date.

Here are my picks from the Last Call Catwalk Collection.

When I was perusing the new releases, one kept catching my eye. It was in the colours that I used to favour before I’d changed skins, and the uniqueness of the coat in the photo intrigued me. As it turns out, the Dominica Nordic Riding Coat easily became one of my favourites of this collection; this is an outfit that one can take pleasure in with just a leisurely appraisal of the details. Photos really cannot do the crystal-studded coat and riding breeches justice; this particular outfit should be seen to be appreciated.

Last Call Catwalk Collection: Dominica. Liah Boots in Gunmetal by Lyra Muse, Last Call Vamp. Hair: Europa in Taupe by Stumbelina Ophelia of Cake; Heirloom Memories Locket in Multi/Gold by Lucas Lameth of Earthtones.

The first I had to acquire was this, the Equestria outfit. Sleek, chic, androgynously elegant yet feminine, given more flair with epaulets and dramatically long, sweeping coat-tails, this coat and breeches ensemble suits my taste perfectly. The texture of the coat is such that you can almost feel the weight and density of the fabric. The floral detail on the blouse, the delicate lace at the sleeves – all in all this is a beautifully detailed riding suit that should satisfy the most discerning of tastes.

Last Call Catwalk Collection: Equestria. Melisande Boots in Onyx by Lyra Muse, Last Call Vamp. Hair: Europa in Coffee by Stumbelina Ophelia of Cake.

And the last two I selected were the gowns. Arachne makes a bold statement in black, with subtle details in embossed leather and silk; the top alone made me want to add this gown to my collection, with its billowy sleeves and the spray of feathers adorning the posture collar. I chose the slim skirt for this photo, though a bustled skirt is included for a more dramatic look.

Last Call Catwalk Collection: Arachne. Hair: Gwen in Ash by Elikapeka Tiramisu, ETD; Triste Coeur Earrings in Silver by Caliah Lyon, Muse.

Irina evokes the exotic elements present in Gaultier’s and many other fall collections, a gown in black and gold with a chiffon skirt clipped to the skirt base with gold brooches. With its burnished gold foil corset and intricate filigree, this is a richly detailed gown fit for Eastern nobility.

Last Call Catwalk Collection: Irina. Hair: Janae in Smoke by Elikapeka Tiramisu, ETD; Solaria Disc Earrings in Silver/Brass by Lucas Lameth of Earthtones.

As if the outfits were not enough, Lyra Muse has released three styles of boots to accompany this collection. A few months ago, with the release of the first boots in the Vamp line, I’d asked her if there was any possibility she would make a sleek black boot – the most elusive footwear I’ve had to look for in SL.

These three, Liah, Melisande, and Nastassja, are not only classy and distinctive, but very richly textured, with a slight bronze patina on the leathers, and stress lines. The buckle accents on Liah and Melisande are subtle enough not to overpower the boot’s silhouette. Each style comes in four leathers – Chocolate, Gunmetal, Mahogany, and Onyx (I’m partial to Chocolate and Gunmetal, myself). It looks like my search for boots is over. Thank you, Lyra 🙂

Left to Right: LC Vamp: Melisande in Mahogany; Liah in Gunmetal; Nastassja in Chocolate

This release has made me quite happy, and was a great start to my weekend. Have a good one. 🙂


8 Responses to “The Catwalk Collection by Last Call”

  1. ladyofavalon77 said

    I love the pictures you took of your avatar in those outfits 🙂 IT’s really a LOVELY collection 😀

  2. caliah said

    Thank you! The photos are actually not adequate enough to show all the lovely details and texturing on these, especially on the two riding suits 🙂

  3. azumauta said

    I’m so glad you loved the collection Caliah (it’s Lyra, changed the name hehe) and I can’t wait to have you on the sim – Ginny just told me! ❤

  4. caliah said

    I just moved in and am still a little dazed *grins*

  5. delfina said

    You always take such great fashion pictures! Looks fantastic!

  6. caliah said

    Thank you Delfina 🙂

  7. gbtunney said

    wow these look amazing. i am curious what your skin is?

    is it ok if i add you on LJ? my avatar is delaney whippet.

  8. caliah said

    Yes, please do!

    My default skin is Jessica from Cake 🙂

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