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Cherry Blossoms

Posted by Caliah Lyon on August 2, 2007

It’s rather rare these days that I see something on the blogs that immediately qualifies as a must-have. I’ve grown much pickier than I was as a dewy-eyed noob, so much so that I spend a lot of my shopping time searching fruitlessly for something to satisfy my acquisition fetish.

When Cherry Tokyo announced this release I knew I absolutely had to have it. If, in Western dress, my tastes tend to run toward the simple and monochromatic, when it comes to Japanese attire in SL I have a weakness for sakurabana (cherry blossoms) and the colour pink on kimonos and furisode – so long as the pattern is intricate and the kimono of good quality.

Cherry Tokyo Pink Uchikake and Kimono; Momoware Hair by Ruru Nagy of Lala Moon

This was not just a kimono, but an uchikake – the long, ornate overcoat once worn by women of the upper classes prior to the Edo period, now traditional wedding garb. There are two obis – a geisha/maiko obi, tied at back, and the oiran (a highly-ranked courtesan) obi, tied at the front. All nineteen pieces of this ensemble are no copy and no mod; however, there is a modifiable shape included made to fit the kimono exactly. I chose to see if I could get my uchikake custom-fit, as everything else fit perfectly. Cherry was very accomodating, and spoke of how she takes the kimono prints from her own collection.

The pink uchikake/kimono with a Kasa (parasol) by Rumi Simpson. The Kasa can open and close, and drops particle cherry blossoms.

The kimono, sans uchikake. Hair: Left – Smooth in Black by Kin Keiko; Right – Momoware by Ruru Nagy

Cherry also told me of Rumi Simpson, an accomplished Japanese designer of kimonos in SL. Naturally I was curious and had to check out her store, too. Apparently Rumi makes both traditional Western and Japanese instruments as well as kimonos; I ended up picking out a shamisen as well as these two furisode. As with Cherry’s, her kimonos are no-mod, but you may ask her for a mod version if it doesn’t quite fit your shape. Most of her kimonos come in pairs or more, in different colours.

Rumi’s Nadeshiko (Carnation) Furisode, possibly my favourite from Rumi’s store. This kimono comes with a fur collar and two variations – one black, as shown, the other cyan. Hair: Anne in Smoke by ETD.

Rumi’s Garan Furisode. This is the red version; there’s also a dark grey with the same pattern.

Rumi also sells pretty parasols that trail particle petals for a mere 150L each. I do wish that at least the system skirts and shirts for these would be mod by default, for those of us who are less than ideally shaped, but both designers have excellent customer service. All the kimonos come with matching zori (sandals).

Shopping Information:
Cherry Tokyo Kimonos, Boracay Island, (168, 80, 25)
Rumi Simpson’s Original Store (Musical Instruments and Kimonos) Neptune, (239, 138, 26)
Pictures taken at the Tatsumi no Machi, Shinagawa, Kawaii (95, 217, 22)
** All these kimonos were purchased and none are review copies.

I’ll be writing more Style Diary posts soon rather than reviews, on some of my new acquisitions as well as old favourites. Stay tuned for some fall outfits 🙂

15 Responses to “Cherry Blossoms”

  1. anonymous said

    ohhh wow!! wow and then a little! those are really amazing.

  2. caliah said

    Yes..they remind me so much of the traditional wood-cut art prints of geisha with trailing sleeves and robes 🙂

  3. azumauta said

    Amazing Caliah! I especially love Rumi’s Nadeshiko Carnation Furisode and I will definitely have to pop over and get it after workout this morning.

    Just as an aside, I’m glad I befriended you here, as you have amazing taste (like we didn’t know that from Muse) and I love it when you post things. Thank you!

  4. anonymous said

    thanks for letting us know about these works of art… i love the uchikake and the kasa is perfect for it

  5. caliah said

    Thank you Lyra ^^

  6. caliah said

    I’d actually been looking for the kasa for a long time (I’d seen it on someone) but just found it now 🙂 It’s great that it’s so affordable.

  7. gbtunney said

    WOW! Those are absolutely breathtaking!

    i want to go and buy some of them. i love the fur collar. do traditional kimonos actually have them?

    -Delaney Whippet

  8. azumauta said

    You’re quite welcome. ^_~

  9. caliah said

    I actually did find this:

    so it’s probably for winter 🙂

  10. arya_mcleod said

    Love your posts girl.
    Keep them coming!

  11. caliah said

    Thanks ^^

  12. violet_bisiani said

    I picked up a couple of kimonos while they had their clearance sale. I kept saying I was going to look for a hairstyle to match, but I haven’t yet. I see you have one style made by Ruru Nagy of Lala Moon. I’ll have to check them out. 🙂

  13. caliah said

    Zero Style also has one for geisha and one for oiran 🙂

  14. kat said

    hey in the first set of images, it looks like the obi is tied in the front. Geisha only tied their obi (the sash round their waist) with the knot or bow, at the back – the only ones who tied it at the front were prostitutes.

  15. Actually Kat, that’s wrong. Oiran are higher-ranked courtesans and tied their obis in front.

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